We spent two nights in Morocco on our way home from Egypt as a mini buffer back to the US and really enjoyed the short time we had there. Our wonderful hotel Riad Elisa was everything you dreamed of a Moroccan hotel to be. With vibrant colors and mint tea upon arrival, this cute 14 room hotel is walking distance to the Jemaa el-Fnaa (market) and many other Souks.

How to navigate the souks in Marrakesh

It is extremely easy to get lost in the Marrakesh souks, take it from out experience that it is quite scary and confusing to wander and lose your way back. There are items overflowing on endless streets so if you don’t pay attention, you will find yourself like a tiny mouse in a maze trying to find your way out. In the souks you can find an array of items like Moroccan rugs, shoes, spices, ceramics, and so much more! Bartering is an essential part of shopping at the souks so don’t be afraid to name your price and haggle a bit. There are a lot of the same items around each corner so if you don’t get the price you like, the on to the next!

Jemaa el-Fnaa- Large market with street food and retail items in the city center. Here you will find lots of traditional entertainment and the hustle and bustle atmostphere.

Souk Medina – My favorite souk and right out the doors of our hotel.

Where to Eat

We only had two nights for dinner but both restaurants we went to were highly recommended and fabulous!

Nomad– healthy plates with a twist & be sure to ask to sit on the rooftop. Alcohol is not served here because it is in the Medina but you can find alcohol at hotels and restaurants outside of the walls.

Comptoir Darna – traditional Moroccan cuisine with belly dancing shows! Compoir Darna is a do not miss so be sure to make your reservation early!

** Be sure to ask your hotel or any restaurants to call you a taxi or a tuktuk when getting around. Do not take one off the street!


YSL Museum & Majorelle Garden – Get there as soon as it opens and snag your tickets before the line gets long!

Try to find a spice shop, ask your driver to take you to one and show you around some local areas of town!