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Jaime and Melissa here from Voyage and Vibes! We are a travel company based out of Nashville, Tennessee and have been best friends for almost 15 years. After traveling to over 60 countries, we wanted to share our passion for travel and adventure with others and bring people together, creating a community of friendships and travel buddies! We personally host curated {co-ed} group trips and experiences around the globe, as well as group trips led in collaboration with our trusted partners. 

We personally research and experience locations beforehand, which allows us to make sure the hotels, restaurants, local experiences, and most importantly, the VIBES are right. Our trips offer the perfect balance of tourist, local, and off the beaten path experiences to make your trip unforgettable. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun experience for our travel community to meet new friends while making your travel dreams a reality!

We bring the Voyage, YOU bring the vibe⚡️

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As agents we have been planning trips for years and have learned how to book the perfect trip. We treat your trips as if they're our own.

Beautiful Destinations

We only curate trips to the best destinations, promising rich culture and the finest experiences.

Trust & Safety

By booking a trip, you're putting a lot of faith in us. Trust and safety is at the top of our priority list for any trip.

Passion for Travel

We love traveling and are always searching for the trip of a lifetime for our clients.

Curated Trips

We book many group trips and have affordable rates because we do so much business with our vendors.

Convenient Booking

All of our trips can be booked conveniently on our website. You'll have your trip booked in minutes!

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Jaime Spinner

About Jaime:

Hi I’m Jaime, co-founder of Voyage and Vibes. I am originally from Chicago and have spent time living in California, Texas and currently living in Nashville, Tennessee with my Great Dane named Maverick! With a strong passion for music and travel, I spent over fifteen years working in the music industry, the last four as an owner of my own entertainment marketing company. 

Having a wanderlust soul from an early age, my spirit for adventure and culture has always taken me to new places.⁠ I’m a full believer that places hold energy and there’s a certain energy you just feel in your bones when you’re traveling. It’s the connection with other cultures, meeting new people, trying new food, getting lost in the unknown that drives my passion for travel. Traveling is my adrenaline rush and there’s nothing else that compares. I am so excited to continue blending my passion for travel and music into some exciting experiences for Voyage and Vibes!

Melissa O’Brien

About Melissa:

Hi I’m Melissa, co-founder of Voyage and Vibes. I am originally from the Midwest and currently living in Nashville, TN, with my little dog-child named Lulu. My passion for travel and culture has been instilled in me since I was a little girl traveling internationally with my mom and step-dad, who was from London. That taste of adventure and exploring the unknown has continued to grow over the years and has become a huge part of who I am.

Much of my passion for travel comes from the way it brings people from all walks of life together and teaches you to trust. It allows you to face your fears and step outside of your comfort zone to provide growth in becoming the strongest version of yourself. Being able to see the world differently and find beauty and love in every culture through history, local people and experiences, and of course food, is something I hope everyone is able to experience!


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