Zimbabwe & Zambia

Alright, first things first! Let’s talk about the whole visa situation because it can be kind of confusing.

When visiting Zambia & Zimbabwe you are going to want to purchase the Kaza visa which will allow you to cross the boarder to Zimbabwe multiple times (dual entry visa). You will want to explore many of the actives in both countries it will be a complete hassle if you don’t have the right visa. We were visiting in low season (November) so it was quick for us to jump out of the car and go through boarder patrol. I have heard that lines could be somewhat up to a 3 hour wait if you are there during high tourist season.

Word of advice– the Kaza visa has consistently been becoming difficult to find, as of now you can not get it on the Zambia side, you have to get it on the Zimbabwe side. They ran out of Kaza visas and only got them right before we arrived so I STRONGLY ADVISE you keep doing your research before your trip. When you arrive at the airport through customs (Zambia), they will ask you if you already have your visa or if you are getting one. Don’t worry, you can purchase your Zambia Visa at the desk right then and there for about $50. This visa will allow you entry in to Zambia. Once you have your Zambia visa, you can purchase your Kaza visa at the boarder once you cross in Zimbabwe.
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From Cape Town we booked our flights in to Livingstone airport Zambia with a stop in Johannesburg. Flying into LIV was the easiest and cheaper option but you can also fly in to Zimbabwe if it fits your flight schedule better.

Victoria Falls River Lodge– I am fully obsessed with this place and could not of asked for a better experience. VFRL is located on a wild game reserve on the Zimbabwe side and it was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. They take care of everything for you so if you want to be worry free, I suggest checking them out. Here are a few of the reasons why I recommend spending a little bit more money on your Safari.

1. Airport pick up/ drop off & boarder crossing- VFRL had everything handled for us from the airport to changing cars at the boarder, we didn’t have to stress or worry about crossing on our own.

2. The accommodations- Located in the Zambezi National Park on the Zambezi river, you’ll pull up to the lodge by boat passing by many hippos on your way. The lodge is outstandingly beautiful and because the lodge is located in a National Park, the animals are roaming free in their own habitat right around you. VFRL is an all inclusive package so you don’t have to worry about your meals or drinks through out your stay. Each breakfast, lunch and dinner they will provide a different menu with that days options. Coming from someone with crazy food allergies, they were extremely accommodating when it comes to food allergies or any dislikes. They also work with your schedule and what actives you want to do, so meals are set at different times per your day but you can also sit down to eat whenever you would like. The staff will also call and book all the activities for you outside of the lodge, and even provide transportation. Oh and did I mention that you get 2 Safari options a day? You can chose to do the river cruise safari or a game drive in the morning and at night.

3. Lodging- The upscale tents will definitely make you feel like you’re glamping! These rooms are truly beautifully done and there is even air conditioning. Although you can hear animals outside, you are perfectly safe inside these tents. You can also call the front desk to pick you up and take you to the main lodge if you aren’t comfortable walking for any reason.

4. Staying on the reserve- At VFRL you get the benefit of living with the wild animals every single day. Rather than staying at a hotel and having to drive to your safari, every single walk or drive in and out of the lodge is your very own Safari. One morning, we woke up to baboons crossing our tent and another to an Elephant herd heading down to the water to bathe. It was by far the coolest experience to be emerged in the wild with this wonderful creatures, an experience you won’t get elsewhere.

Most actives are costly because Zambia and Zimbabwe are on the American dollar so if they seem costly, it’s completely worth it and not a scam. These countries survive on tourism so tip your guides and have fun!

Victoria Falls– one of the natural 7 wonders of the world. You can’t visit without without here exploring the falls. You have two options when visiting the falls from the Zambia side and Zimbabwe side. During low season, we were able to see the beautiful water falls which are all located on the Zimbabwe side so I recommend heading in from there if it is low season. The Zambia side is home to the famous “Devils Pool” which books up weeks in advance so make sure to plan accordingly if this is something you plan on doing. Whichever side you visit from, you will be in awe of the natural beauty.

Zip line the Falls– head to Lookout Cafe for lunch over looking the gorge where you can choose from zip lining the falls or the flying fox swing! Add it to your bucket list and be sure to get the video!

Microlight Flight– THIS IS A MUST DO. No matter what you do, you will regret not taking the microlight flight on your trip. Located on the Zambia side, this 15 minute flight will give you a birds eye view of the falls where you’ll be able to even spot some animals! If you want to splurge a little bit, go for the 30 minute flight because once you get up there, you won’t want to come down!

Lion Encounter– Lion Encounter is an active conservation program that re-introduces off spring of  captive bred lions in to the wild.  Not only are they cute as hell, but it is the most amazing experience to be able to walk side by side with these wild lions in their environment.