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2023 Travel Hacks:
Explore On Good Vibes

Calling all wandering spirits! The 2023 Travel Hacks guide is a resource that provides helpful tips and strategies for travelers looking to enhance their travel experiences. We’ll cover everything you need to have an amazing trip!

Don't miss these secrets from travel professionals.

What You’ll Learn

Planning Resources

Packing Organization

Where To Book

Luggage Options

How To Get Great Deals

Emergency Items


Voyage and Vibes curate unique experiences around the globe with trips focusing on adventure, leisure, luxury, safari, and vineyard travel. Founded by best friends who are passionate about traveling the world, they provide both hosted and packaged group travel experiences.

Together, Melissa and Jaime have traveled to over 60+ countries and have used their experience, knowledge, and love for adventure as the foundation for building once-in-a-lifetime adventures. You’ll find a balance of tourist, local, and off-the-beaten-path experiences to make your time away from home unforgettable.

Voyage and Vibes’ hosted and packaged group travel experiences are carefully thought out and vetted before the launch of each trip. Researching locations in person beforehand allows them to make sure the hotels, restaurants, local experiences, and daily trip schedules are up to quality standards. This ensures an enjoyable flow that will gain your trust and confidence in their offerings.

It is through the love of new experiences, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures that drives their passion to offer opportunities to experience their favorite places around the world—making your dream trips into a reality (cue the best part) without the stress of planning! Voyage and Vibes is excited to share their travel experiences, advice, opportunities, and more!


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